Thursday, 28 May 2009


15 years ago a walked into newcastle town centre crying and had a cup of tea with my friend was truly a surreal part of my life, i remember the spinning feeling that the world had been assaulting me with for the previous 10 years just dissipated, everything seemed hushed even though it kept on turning...when i got back to my house everyone didn't know what to do, i suggested we all go let off some steam, we'd spent so much time with each other waiting, waiting, waiting and when it happened we really had no place for we went out...out on our own hazy path, i ended up playing music here alongside the end of the night sasha asked me if i was the guy that has cleared his's odd what you remember...i remember playing this...i woke up amid all my amazing friends sprawled out all over my house, usually that would be the point that my mum would have rounded everyone up and made tea for the wounded but not that morning.

15 years goes by so fast...some things feel like they just happened.

alison kate sankarayya, 15th october 1942 - 28th may 1994.x

i know that my mum would love the person i love.

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  1. You lovely boy. I've just found this. Purely because today I found a picture of Kate in the background of a photo that one of my cousins had posted on Facebook and started searching. (Librarians, eh?) You may never read this, as it is a comment to a blog post long gone, but if you do then, although Kate can't, and you know that I mind that as much as anyone,I would like to get the chance to know and love the person you love, for many reasons. The main one being that I love you, you daft sod. (probably not an appropriate way to adress an internationally renowned person). The other being that I promised your mum. And she would have given you vitamin pills as well when she woke you up.
    BTW, I've just previewed this. Please ignore photo - from some years ago, but I can't be bothered to find out where it's being pulled from, or change it!