Tuesday, 19 January 2010

when things go wrong...part 1

well thanks to the designers here i got to see the catastrophe that ikea have launched to the public...nowadays it's hard to get close to owning a font such as futura in any business let alone the furniture world, what with competing with aram, and vitra but they had seemed to manage, so why has this happened.. seems like any savvy client they decided that once they actually had it kind of right they had to go and change it...

now in the article there is some mention of this decision saving money, which if passed down to the customer or to improving the environment of the manufacterers maybe i'm not so ruffled...but this just seems like another instance of change for change's sake...

i recently had a client quibble about paying £12 for a font!!...this all leads me neatly onto this and this..god help us all...xxxxx

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