Friday, 29 January 2010

was andy warhol right...?

so a long time ago a friend was asked by the mighty frederick bond to street cast some 20 sommiks that looked like they would have a few pints under their belt and then go for a curry...needless to say that brought him to my door and after some mild persuasion i agreed into being filmed dancing and telling jokes into camera...end of i i was somewhat shocked when i got a call back a few days later when i was happily lying in the sun in denmark making the most of the danes liberated attitude to tobacco's best friend...(it was a while ago) summonsed to a dance studio in mayfair we spent the day 'auditioning' and learing dance steps. I was also very amused when i got 2 models sat on my knee who were non too plus when they found out i wasn't a real 'actor' the end of the day after people had been ejected by getting tapped on the shoulder strictly style i ended up with a part!!!...playing lager....such a proud moment...i remember talking to the art director from mother on set and him asking what i did for a day job, when he found out i was an art director at digit he seemed rather uncomfortable as if i was lowering myself...?...after close inspection he may have been right...but hey if you can't laugh at yourself...



  1. quite a departure from the other speaking part I saw you in - last August at semi permanent in Auckland NZ...:) I really enjoyed your presentation as I do your blog. I've been showing your work to my graphic design students as an example of pushing what technology can do and making it do what you want it to do. love your work, please come back to New Zealand and speak here again some time.

  2. dude weird coincidence the big guy in the middle is an old friend from my youth called eugene...small world :)