Friday, 14 August 2009

new things to covet part 1

in auckland for the semipermanent conference and am so bowled over by the energy and straight up niceness of the place...we even got some rain to make us feel well at home...the last few days have officially been a prescription jet lag drift but have managed to not only fall in love with a print but actually buy it from james jean's new show here...

a proper report shall ensue but probably after me and harry's tiki tour embarking from wellington on monday...

im twittering (finally) for the studio here...

my new willow tree...(with heron paul)


  1. Hi Sanky, yeah this is an awesome print to collect! Hope you have had a good weekend in Auckland and wish you all the best with your Wellington Trip.
    Dennis from Auckland, New Zealand

  2. James' talent scares me a little. The presentation he gave at SP was just mindblowing. I wish I had managed to have a few words with him after the show, next time.

    Thanks so much for the presentation you gave as well Sanky, was one of the ones I enjoyed the most. You guys at allofus obviously have a whole heap of fun making your projects come to life.

    Toby from Wellington NZ.