Wednesday, 5 August 2009

i should be happy...

i was thinking about all the things i haven't done this year...and then stumbled accross something i actualy got round to producing. It made me realise that when i apply myself i can actually create something i actually like and that it actually had an effect...the knock-on effect of going out with a writer is the fear that rises up when I have to write...but this was for 2 friends who were getting married so i bit the bullet...

love builds up

the brightest light I ever saw,
burned with me, glowed with me,
stayed with me when i needed it most.

it slept with me, cared for me,
gave me my partner in crime.

lives bound together into a perfect book of adventure,
where the things of dreams became real,
and nothing was mine any more, it was ours.

i jigged like prince, sang with maria,
origami at will, such a thrill,
cauliflower cheese, thank you please,
and hearts had found their place in life.

a gorgeous ache; an ordinary swoon,
I know for sure love is in this room.

sunshine an a rainy day,
and all the things i cannot say,

can now unfold.

Give with me, take with me,
you got the love i need to see me through,
Love me the way that I love you.

right now,
that word we use when what we feel exceeds all other words.

love builds up,
and the shimmer of light became the bright sun,
accomplice to our joy.

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